How are extensions applied?




At Charm Lash, each client will be placed in their own, private room so they can comfortably relax in their own bed while our artists apply lash extensions. You can think of this as a beauty nap! Each lash extension is applied only on the lash hair, about 2mm away from the lash root. 

This process generally takes about 2 hours for a full-set and an hour for a touch-up.

 CHARM LASH manufactures and uses only the best quality products. 

All of our products, including our FDA medical-grade Xtreme glues and our certified CHARM glues, Xtreme primers, and Xtreme cleansers contain safe ingredients for eye sensitivity.

Also, all of our lash artists use only the best and the most professional tools manufactured by CHARM LASH, to always ensure the best quality.

How to prepare and take care of your lashes?

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Please come without any eye-makeup to your appointment.

It is important to arrive 15 minutes early to allow the lash artist to have enough time to remove all eye makeup. Also, please keep in mind that early arrival is important so that each client can have enough time for consultation and lash application.

Clients who are late or have eye makeup will not be given additional time. As a result, they will not have the maximum amount of time for an entire lash application. CHARM LASH charges by per time and not by per lash. 

Charm lashes are easy to maintain 

1. After eyelash extension application, please stay away from water, oil, heat, steam, and sweat for the next 24 hours.

2. Please stay away from waterproof cosmetics and oil-based products near the eyes. 

3. Cleanse eyelashes gently and daily, especially for oily skin and after working out

4. Please refrain from rubbing eyes or sleeping on just one side. 

Q. Can I use mascara or eyeliner?

A. Yes. However, most clients do not feel the need to do so after lash extension.

CHARM LASH suggests only water-based or powder-based eye products. 

Q. Can I use an eyelash curler?

A. We do not recommend doing this. This will cause damage to your lash extensions.

CHARM LASH extensions are naturally designed to curve upwards to already give you a curled, natural look without using eyelash curlers.

Q. Can the extensions be removed?

A. Yes. CHARM LASH artists can easily remove your lash extensions. Please do not attempt to pull, or cut lashes on your own. 

Scheduling Appointments

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All lash appointments are appointment-based only. We do not charge by per lash, but by per time. 

CHARM LASH will apply as many lashes as possible during your designated appointment time. Being on time and arriving with clean lashes ensures that you will get the maximum amount of time for your lash application. Please keep in mind that we cannot give additional time to those who arrive late to their appointment. 

Q. I have a special event/wedding. When should I get my lashes done? 

A. CHARM LASH recommends that clients receive their initial set of lashes at least 2-3 weeks before their special event so they have enough time to adjust to their length, design, and comfort level. Make sure you schedule your touch-up appointment a few days before your special event to ensure lashes are full and beautiful on your special day.  

Q. Cancellation Policy?

A. If you are unable to make your appointment, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule. 

Texting to 404-988-8174 is the preferred method. Any appointments cancelled within 24 hours from appointment time, will be charged 50% of the appointment fee. All cancellations within 12 hours, or no shows will be charged 100% of fee. CHARM LASH has every right to discontinue scheduling appointments with clients who do not show up to their appointments more than 2 times or continuously cancel within 24 hours. 

Please be mindful that last-minute cancellations inconveniences other clients who are unable to schedule an appointment due to unavailability.


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